Autodesk Roadshow

Die Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 2010: Neue Versionen von Maya, Motionbuilder und Mudbox

Autodesk Roadshow

Michael Langmayer will show the workflow between Stitcher, Image Modeller and 3ds Max and how you can utilise the 3 packages to get the best results for your project.
We will take a look at how to best shoot panorama/ reference images and how these are stitched together and used in IM. We then take the panorama and create geometry using Image Modeller and finally import the final project into max for rendering. Further I will show some tips and tricks in 3ds Max covering Modelling, Materials, Scripts and Rendering.

Compositing for TV Visual Effects

Reinhold A. Fragner alias RAF wird einige Tricks im Compositing zeigen, die einem das Leben kurz vor Deadline retten können. Welche Layer im 3D-Programm tatsächlich notwendig sind und gerendert werden sollen und was man mit ihnen anstellen kann. Weiters wird es einen Einblick in die Arbeit eines Digital Visual Effect Artist in der freien Natur, also am Drehort, geben.

How to tell stories with a Camera – Camera Blocking for Emotional Impact

Einer der meistunterschätzten Aufgabenbereiche in der relativ jungen Computergrafik Branche, ist die relativ alte Kunst mit einer Kamera umzugehen.
Wie setzt man das Bild am besten in Szene? Welche unerschiedlichen Aussagen haben unterschiedliche Kamera Winkel und Schnitte? Eine hoch interessante Reise in die menschliche Psychologie Bewegtbilder wahrzunehmen.

Translating 2D Concepts into 3D

In this workshop Hector talk about the process of realizing 2d concepts into 3d objects and characters without losing their essence. In both the games industry and other 3d projects art is often lost in translation, while in some cases this can be ok or desired, there are many cases where the 2d source must be matched very closely. There are many tips and tricks that can help preserve and translate 2d into 3d going from standard processes like model sheets to paint-overs and appropriate texturing approaches. Other parts of the process to be covered will be good mesh flow for animation and balancing mesh and texture detail in videogame projects.

Making of “Bacardi – born in the sun”

Bacardi wohin das Auge reicht. Ronald geht auf die unterschiedlichen Prozesse wie Lookdevelopment, Flüssigkeitssimulation, Shading und Compositing ein.
Diverse Baccardi Spots wurden von Basis Wien gemeinsam mit MPC London umgesetzt.

Life drawing for Animators

Everyone knows life drawing, but hardly anyone knows how it can be extremely helpful and important for an animators daily work. Life drawing for animators will take you on a journey of creating strong and believeable poses for 2D and 3D artists alike. Bring life drawing gear.

“Character Design” Workshop

Teil 1 (Einführung)
“Negerlein, Schlitzauge und andere Unsinnigkeiten im Character
Design”. Über Stereotypen in der Animation.

Teil 2 (Praktischer Teil)
“Line follows shape to create form”
Entwurfstechniken für Figuren und Spielorte.

An inside view on practical Game Design

Christoph will talk about his work as the Head Game Designer at Sproing working on award-winning titles such as Panzer Tactics (DS) and Cursed Mountain (Wii).
Was ist Gamedesign, wie definiert sich das Handwerk der Kreation und Umsetzbarmachung eines Spielkonzepts und wie gestalten sich die Berührungspunkte zu Art und Animation? In seinem Vortrag wird Christoph Quas anhand von praktischen Beispielen die grundlegenden Prozesse des Gamedesigns von Videospielen erläutern und im besonderen auf die Schnittstellen und Spannungsfelder zwischen Design und Art eingehen.

Sculpting believeable human-esque creatures

In this workshop Wayne Robson takes you through sculpting a character in Mudbox 2010 explaining how we can twist and use human anatomy while still maintaining believability in a sculpt. This session will cover the creation of an alien human-esque creature.

Traditional aspects of sculpting

The traditional sculpting world along the techniques used by makeup design can provide new and interesting workflows for all digital sculptors. Many techniques are either not used generally or misunderstood, as such this lecture shows the possibilities we can bring into our sculpts. In this lecture Wayne Robson outlines what we can all learn from them and how we can apply it to what we do regardless of the software that we may use.

7Million Production Workflows

7Million ( was developed over a period of 2 years. Kaweh Kazemi describes what was needed for a small team to get going
and deliver a MMO on a relatively small budget. And how they learned he hard way that if you add want “massive” you’ll get “massive”…

The Art Direction of Cursed Mountain

Julian, art director at Deep Silver Vienna, will outline the creation of art during the production of Cursed Mountain. He will get into details about character concept and design, extensive research to create authentic assets, and design of atmospheric cut scenes. Cursed Mountain was developed with a unique and innovative business model, the so called Hollywood Model, up until now only known from feature film production. This new workflow required new work and communication methods which made this project even more complex and also even more interesting.

The Art and Business of Blue-Zoo Animation Studio

Animation Directors, Damian Hook and Helen Arntsen, have been working at award winning London based animation studio Blue-Zoo for over 5 years. In that time they have helped create a multitude of projects for the BBC, Sky, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney amongst others. They will be talking you through the stages involved in creating the BAFTA nominated and Film Minute award winning, Stitch Up Showdown series of shorts which are currently airing on Nickelodeon UK.

From initial concept artwork, scripts and animation right through to the final renders and sound design, all aspects of the production will be discussed in detail to provide both a creative and technical overview of how Blue-Zoo approach their work.

Catching mice with small pieces of cheese

Delivering quality animation on Universals : “The tale of Despereaux”.
Michael was lead animator on this project that represents the first fully animated feature film for the leading London based VFX house Framestore CFC.