About the PIXELvienna Conference

PIXELvienna is the Austrian Computer Graphics and Animation Conference taking place in the beautiful setting of Vienna. We provide talks and workshops in all the fields of computer graphics and animation. But we are trying to be more than just that.

PIXELvienna arose from the drive to connect Computer Graphics students and professionals and to build a sense of community. To share experience and knowledge. To learn from each other and support each other. To create more beautiful and fascinating artwork. To share the love and fascination for the things we do. And while PIXELvienna grew over the past years, the original idea is still the same.

So every year, PIXELvienna invites well-known national and international computer graphics, computer games and computer film professionals to present their work. In the past years artists, producers, and directors from very diverse backgrounds shared their passion and knowledge. Among them Lindsey Crummett, Fraser Mc Lean, Andreas Deja, Bruno Bozzetto, Simone Kesterston, Harald Siepermann, Christian De Vita, David Burges, Jakob Schuh, Eric Goldberg, Eric Towner, Colin Graham, David Luong and many more. We are grateful for their efforts and energy that made these conferences so great.

PIXELvienna is entirely organized and operated by a team of volunteers who work all year to make the conference an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Being an international event and because we want to allow a lot of people to be able to join, the official conference language is English.

In 2014 we decided to rename the conference from simply “PIXEL” to “PIXELvienna” in order to further underline the great location of this conference and prevent confusion with similar named conferences.