Self-publishing & Social Media – An Experience

In their talk, Eliot and Viv will share their artistic journey through the pitfalls and benefits of social media; the struggles and rewards of self-publishing and fostering a healthy relationship with your art in the fun, but often tough social media hellscapes.

Behind the scenes of Winamax – ‘Anything For Your Mama’

Take a look behind the scenes of this epic project! During the talk, we will cover all aspects of how we went about realising this very VFX heavy commercial. Starting with the shoot, through asset builds, VFX, lighting, until the final composites.

Panel Discussion

Every artist can be a victim of their own bad habits. Distractions, procrastination, & crunch conditions can stifle creativity while working in the shadow of looming deadlines.

With their panel discussion Heri Irawan, Brian Main, & Peter Diamond will discuss their strategies in combating such crippling vices. In keeping with this year’s conference theme, they will be calling on their insights as freelance artists as they attempt to define a new list of cardinal rules to guide both professional & burgeoning artists in their work lives.

They will also be kicking off this year’s PIXELvienna challenge. Attendees will have the entire week to submit an original piece and compete against their fellow attendees.


This project, called RELIGIONVIR.US, deploys ritual performance, museological installation of invented artifacts, ceremonial techno-sermons, web-based temples and lab-grown skin bibles to produce a hybrid, psychedelic new religion as art that performs how belief systems can be hacked and artistically repurpoused in the age of deep fakes and alternative facts.
RELIGIONVIR.US has been performed, exhibited, screened and otherwise presented in over twenty five countries worldwide. After a decade of a largely performative artistic ritual, Dudeck began to feel the need to compose the RELIGIONVIR.US Bible. This has taken several forms including an online virtual temple (produced as part of HAMBURG MASCHINE), a graphic novel (in the form of a series of scrolls), Hypericons (large lightboxes that resemble stained glass windows) and an original soundtrack (OTS) featuring psalms composed and performed in Dudeck’s invented language. When Dudeck began their illumination/illustrative style after nearly a decade of constant ritual performance, they began to create a new method of creating digital images, one that is highly performative and process-oriented. RELIGIONVIR.US has since become a multi-media production team that collaboratively makes queer religion in multiple digital media. Hypericonography is a pseudo performative/ritual/lecture wherein [M]Dudeck and their collaborator Javi Acevedo will present the various hybrid ways they have worked together on RELIGIONVIR.US TRANSMISSIONS to produce a new hybrid, queer digital iconography.