PIXELvienna 15 Get-together

After a full and inspiring day of talks at PIXELvienna we might party, draw and chat a little together 🙂
@Sofie’s Bar, Biberstraße 9, 1010 Wien

Animation Festival

PIXELvienna, the Annual Austrian Computer Graphics and Animation Conference will present an international and a national animation program.
The eclectic selection presents some of the most exciting, engaging and emotionally powerful films with innovative approaches to the medium of animation from Austria and all over the world.
The national program is a selection of Austrian filmmakers and filmmakers, who live in Austria.
The international program is showing films from France, Canada, Iran, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, Netherlands and Russia.

You can find a list of all shorts here

Unreal Engine as a paradigm shift

How FriendlyFire started research & development on integrating interactive 3D tools, which completely changed our ways of thinking and producing CG content.

We’ll talk about our experiences evolving our pipeline over the last 3 years by showcasing examples from various fields like Virtual Production, Pixelstreaming Web-Configurators and how the differences between offline-render productions and interactive productions gradually started to disappear.

Rubikon – Making a Space movie…in Austria

Rubikon was the first science fiction feature film entirely produced in Austria. VFX Supervisor Franz Brandstaetter assembled a team of great artists at the VFX House ArxAnima to make this adventure come true.
Franz will provide a glimpse behind the scenes of a Feature Film that strives to create Hollywood VFX work on a very tight budget. He will show the process and walk us through the secrets of what it takes, to create movie magic.

Accidentally hooked on 3D

Eva will talk about how she never aspired being an artist, but got hooked accidentally and how she’s now figuring out her role and direction within the art world, without listening too much to other people.

“Rotzbub – Willkommen in Siegheilkirchen” From Script to Animation – and slightly beyond.

Austrias first full feature animation movie tells the story of Ultra-Catholic Siegheilkirchen in 1960s. In the tavern a snotty boy sits drawing nude pictures of the generously endowed butcher’s assistant. These pictures cause general agitation. The snotty boy is called Manfred Deix and is evidently talented. A salty cartoon feature film inspired by Manfred Deix about the teenage years of the Austrian Republic, with star-quality voices and wickedly accurate figures.