Virus Dice Teaser


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By Science Visualization Lab Angewandte

All living beings known to us share similar hierarchical structures, which means that all life can be broken down into macromolecules and finally atoms. Viruses share our coding system through RNA or DNA and therefore it is possible for them to “hack” our cells and
abuse them for their reproduction. We as human beings see ourselves often as something disconnected from living nature or something sublime. However, an understanding of the fact that the microorganisms in and around us are just as much a functional part of this system as our “human” cells is widespread knowledge, but most people act not accordingly in their daily life.

Knowledge of life, which we cannot see with the naked eye, is essential for survival and increased awareness is urgently required. The “Virus Dice” project will make connections visible using innovative visual and interactive means. In the project a central issue is a certain feeling for chance as well as the fuzziness and uncertainty that lies behind probability information. Visitors take on the role of a Covid-Sars-2 virus and can stochastically receive different scenarios. Virus spread depends on many factors, but it is important to reduce the likelihood of serious infections.

The teaser shows one shot of the “Virus Dice” project. You can see a corona virus that is blocked with ACE-2 molecules (APN01 medicine), but one of these molecules is kicked away again – by a cube, as a symbol for the randomness and the interaction in the upcoming art installation. Because one spike is not blocked with ACE-2, the virus can dock onto the cell membrane – end of the shot.